Untitled …

Written and composed by Zoleka Mandela

Woman …
You carry life’s tribulations and false impressions
On your shoulders, heavy with dissatisfaction.
Back arched, your limp leaves a sequence of bad choices and foolishness.
You are so quick to charge.
That which you do not desire in relation to yourself,
Continues to stare you in the face.
Blindfolded by emotion.
A reflection of yourself, you choose to conceal.
In your injury, you’ve shifted the blame
And in your melancholy, you drown.
You cry the tears of woman who on the sly
Cry by night and smile the smiles of fresh mothers.
Longing for the status of those whose lives, He’s touched.
Yet you do not seek and desire His direction
He has caught your tears and He carries your continuation
For your life in His possession, remains his enduring equation.
What once escorted your misplaced ways and sunken sentiment
Lives now, a woman in the course of action
She lies beside her spawn
Heart clenched, thanking Him into her very being.
From the words that drip off her tongue,
To the lives around her which manufacture and attach each unit of her nucleus,
To the reconstruction of her demeanor.
She is, the coming of herself.
She is, where she needs to be.
It is at His request, that her life follows his design.
For she was chosen, countless times over.
Rise, my sister … Rise
For you are a fusion of unbroken blessings, for you are of the essence.
Let your energy rise to fill the hearts that hold you up.
You are a diamond,
Shine your significance and radiate the light of your rebirth.
Let your rythmn lift you, it now an indication of self adoration and indebtedness.
Dance to your beat for your melody echoes His arrival.
It’s time to stand yourself up!

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