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Zoleka Mandela on Carte Blanche

Zoleka Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter): ‘If I have to be honest with myself I think I was in denial.’ Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, Zoleka Mandela discovered a lump in her left breast little more than a year ago.Zoleka: ‘When I had told my aunt initially, she had told me, ‘You have …


What’s It Really Like to Live Through Breast Cancer?

Each Year Thousands of American women learn they have breast cancer, but as they navigate months of IV drips and follow-up scans, nausea and fatigue, fear and hope, no two share the same experience. We followed three patients through chemo, surgery, remission—and recurrence— to see just how personal this disease …


From Patient to Survivor, You’re Not Alone

As medical understanding of cancer improves, more people are surviving this frightening disease; yet survivors face many challenges long after their treatments have ended. They must strike a delicate balance between maintaining a positive attitude and being realistic about their health. Cancer survivors can learn how to evaluate their condition, …